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"The Box"

We want your experience of staging MOSES and the burning within to be the best it can be for you and your community. To that end, every licensee will receive a collection of compelling resources inside "The Box" which includes:

  • 25 Libretto/Vocal Books
  • 1 Piano/Conductor Score (Full orchestration available for additional fee)
  • 1 Full Production Soundtrack CD (the CDs you will resell at performances)
  • “Standing Room Only” Marketing Kit
    • Sample Ticket, Poster, Flyer, Program, Mailer, Bulletin announcement, Press Release.
    • Graphics files with Logos and images for use in your production and marketing campaign.
    • Sample Budgets.
  • Faith Formation / Bible Study resources & Commissioning Ceremony for Cast and Crew.
  • License paperwork, contact information, wholesale CD and "Moses Store" purchase forms (T-shirts, etc.) and more.

Have a larger group and you need more than what is included in "The Box?"  No problem.  Click here to see a price list of additional items while under license.