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Song By Song

(song cast included)


  1. Where Is My Home?    (Moses, Aaron, Hatshepsut, Miriam)
  2. I Couldn’t Do It    (Miriam)
  3. Pharaoh Tell Us What Your Plan Is Now    (Israelites, Egyptians, Pharaoh)
  4. Hope And Life And Love    (Yocheved, Miriam)
  5. Outside This Window    (Moses, Hatshepsut)
  6. Groan and Grumble    (Israelites, Aaron, Miriam)
  7. The Truth    (Hatshepsut, Pharaoh, Moses, Aaron, Miriam)
  8. Where Is My Home? —Expanded   (Moses, Aaron, Hatshepsut, Miriam)
  9. Heaven’s Chorus    (Chorus)


  1. The Song In My Heart    (Moses)
  2. There Is Love In My Days    (Moses, Zipporah)
  3. The Burning Within?    (Chorus, Moses, Narrator)
  4. Hope and Life and Love—Reprise    (Moses, Chorus)
  5. Outside Of Egypt    (Moses, Aaron)
  6. Groan and Grumble—Reprise    (Israelites)
  7. Won’t You Rise Up    (Aaron, Moses, Israelites)
  8. Plague and Passover    (Moses, Pharaoh, Miriam, Israelites)
  9. The Exodus    (God/Child)
  10. The Only Way To Be Free    (Moses, Israelites)