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Build community. Live the story. Have a blast!

"We were the first group to perform an early version of MOSES back in 2006. It created an atmosphere like nothing I have ever seen before. Performing it provided a spark that ignited our entire community to work together in a new and profound way. We found ourselves—our own lives—in this story. This music will always resonate in our hearts as a powerful and joyful touchstone to the incredible story of MOSES."
—Melissa Cervantes, Music / Youth Minister, San Antonio, TX


"Performing MOSES and the burning within dramatically transformed our community. The journey from auditions to curtain call exceeded every musical, ministry and financial expectation that I had. It was glorious! Please call me so I can tell you about it firsthand."
—Steve Deines, Musical Director,   St. Louis, MO.,  Tel: (314) 374-8450


"This musical touched me deeply. You have a really great package here that makes it easy for faith communities, schools and local theaters to perform very well. The songs and the story are fantastic!"
—Bob Will, played Moses in the premier of "MOSES and the burning within."   November '09, St. Louis, MO.