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Goal: Keeping it "low-friction" and fun!

By Tom Gallo, Good For The Soul Music™

Our goal is to provide you with an exciting song and story opportunity to build community, live scripture and have a blast!

We’ve made it low-friction and fun from commissioning ceremony to opening night. Low-friction means it’s more than easy—it’s intuitive. And fun means, well, fun!

Low friction and fun!

  • Low-friction starts with music that's accessible, easy to learn and a joy to sing.
  • We surround this music with a spirited collection of relevant resources like accompaniment tracks, full orchestration, Libretto/Vocal books, etc.  All of this comes in The Box.
  • Next, we’ve taken all the complexity and frustration out of licensing.
  • Filling seats is always a subtle worry. Your STANDING ROOM ONLY marketing kit helps you replace worry with confidence of a full house every night!
  • Finances are tight. So we offer simple, sample budgets to help you plan.  And we offer you the ability to purchase MOSES and the burning within Soundtrack CDs at wholesale prices to affordably provide each cast and choir member with a CD to use as a rehearsal tool. You'll raise funds by making these CDs available for resale to your entire communtiy. That finance person in your organization will smile and “beat the budget!”
  • Finally, using the resources we provide, staging MOSES and the burning within will be a refreshing, life-giving experience that makes rehearsing and performing just plain fun!

Now, that’s good for the soul!

I pray that your performance of MOSES and the burning within is all that you and God want it to be!