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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does “and the burning within” mean?
Moses’ call was always simmering in his heart. It began to burn when he said “yes” to lead his people from “death to life.” We hope performances will help your community answer the call burning within their hearts.

The music on the soundtrack CD sounds great, but will my choir be able to pull this off?
Yes! The choirs who have staged the musical thus far were not professional. They were passionate. If you have a trusted team and a little passion you can successfully stage “MOSES and the burning within.”

How does the license process work? Is it affordable?
Our licensing process is easy and affordable. The standard license for a total audience (sum of all performances) of less than 1,000 people is $850. Your license is valid for one year during which you pick a “window” of 12 calendar days to perform 3 shows. Want to do more than 3 shows during this 12 day window? No problem, a small fee per additional performance ($150) allows you to do just that! See our sample budget.

What is included with my license?
Everything that comes in “The Box”

  • 1 Piano/Conductor Score.
  • 1 Fully Orchestrated Tracks CD.
  • 1 Full Production Soundtrack CD.
  • Standing Room Only Marketing Kit and Sample Budget.
  • Faith Formation Program and Commissioning Ceremony.

Are there additional resources I should consider purchasing?

  • Full production Soundtrack CDs (available at wholesale prices) for your cast and choir members to rehearse with, and for resale to your community before, during and after performances (fundraising!)
  • Additional Libretto/Vocal Books for choirs over 25 people.
  • Additional instrument scores (bass, drum, keyboard 2 when available)

When should we perform “MOSES and the burning within?”
Anytime of the year works. Adult choirs tell us that mid-fall and Lent are great times to perform it. Youth Groups and Choir Camps often perform musicals on summer break.

Where (what venue) should we plan to perform MOSES and the burning within?
Church, auditorium or stage. Find the space that works for staging that also fits a lot of chairs!

What do you mean when you say “Build Community. Live Scripture. Have a Blast?”
Testing the musical over the last three years, we’ve witnessed these very activities; communities come alive, kids and adults really learn the story of MOSES and everyone has fun. Cast, crew and audience!

How should I budget for this event? Is there a way for me to fundraise?
Your ticket sales or love offering will easily cover the cost of your license. Reselling the soundtrack CD, selling ad space in your program and refreshments at intermission will allow you to raise significant funds for your ministry. Our sample budget helps you plan for success.

What does the leadership team look like to pull this off successfully?
Musical director / Technical director / Marketing director / Faith formation director.